PH Outsourcing Bundle

Philippines Outsourcing Video Guide

I'm going to give you all the basics and the all the core knowledge that you need to succede with outsourcing to the Philippines.

- How to find VA's
- How to avoid scams
- How to pay the REAL rates
- How to "stick your finger up" at the middlemen

This course is key to your success! You MUST master these basics before moving onto the advanced stuff that can really accelerate your business by at least 50% in the next 12 months.
  • Introduction
  • Philippines Outsourcing Starters Guide
  • Advantages Of Hiring Virtual Staff in the Philippines
  • Why Is The Philippines So "Americanized"?
  • Why Filipino's Speak FLUENT English?
  • Virtual Assistant vs Specialist Remote Worker
  • Cultural Differences You MUST Know About.
  • What Work Should You Outsource To Your Virtual Assistants?
  • Whats Possible Outsourcing to Filipino Virtual Assistants?
  • Paying Virtual Workers
  • How Much To Pay Your Virtual Assistant?
  • Incentives To Offer Your Filipino Virtual Assistant
  • Ultimate Salary Guide For Hiring Virtual Staff in the Philippines
  • Hiring Virtual Assistants
  • Where To Find Virtual Assistants In The Philippines?
  • How To Contact Virtual Workers Using
  • Ask Your Applicants These Questions
  • Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistant: The Power Of The TRIAL!
  • Why I Mostly Hire Virtual Assistants FULL-TIME
  • Managing Virtual Assistants
  • Creating a Culture of Feedback
  • The Power Of The Weekly Meeting
  • How To Work Less And Earn More
  • Guide To Working Less, Earning More... In 3 Minutes!
  • The 2 Hour Work Day: The Secret Of Doing LESS!
  • 80/20 Outsourcing: How To Work Less... And Earn More!
  • Social Media Outsourcing
  • Social Media Virtual Assistant? My Top Tips!
  • Mistakes People Make... How To Avoid Them
  • 4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Outsourcing To Virtual Assistants
  • Big Mistake: Bad Communication
  • The Biggest Outsourcing SCAM In The Philippines... And How To Avoid It!
  • Filipino Virtual Assistants Are HUMANS!
  • BONUS: Call Centers In The Philippines
  • Call Center Philippines? What To Expect
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed