Complete WordPress Super Pack 1

The most comprehensive and complete WordPress training available online. Use our video training to equip your VA the necessary WordPress skills to update and edit your blog or e-commerce website using the WordPress platform.
  • Section 1: Quick Start Setup
  • How To Buy a Domain
  • Get Domain Hosting
  • How To Set Up DNS
  • How To Install WordPress
  • Section 2: Wordpress basics
  • How To Install A Theme
  • How To Install a PlugIn
  • How To Create a Page
  • How To Create a Post
  • Section 3: Design & Customize Part 1
  • How To Setup a Home Page
  • How To Add Header & Footer Code
  • How To Create a Menu
  • How To Add an Image
  • How To Align an Image
  • How To Add A Link
  • How To Make an Email Link
  • Section 4: Design & Customize Part 2
  • How To Use Permalinks
  • How To Change Text
  • How To Align Text
  • How To Add Line Breaks
  • How To Add Media
  • How To Add A Video
  • How To Create a Widget
  • Section 5: Emails Forwarding
  • How To Create a Custom Email
  • How To Create a Forwarder
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed